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Why waste time applying fake eyelashes or putting on pesky mascara that requires multiple coats to achieve the right look. If you want long, luxurious lashes that last, visit Couture Lash Lab for in El Paso, Texas. We’ll go to great lengths to make your beauty routine more manageable.

Take one step out of your makeup routine

Eyelash Extensions are not for everyone, whether your concern is maintenance, or lash extensions just aren’t your thing we have a solution for you. Now you can make your natural lashes appear longer, stronger, fuller and darker without all the maintenance.

Our beauty stylists are trained to offer different levels of lashes. Call us today for your appointment. We also offer:

Keratin Lash Lift, Botox & Tint ($160): An alternative to lash extensions, the Kertain Lash Lift permanently relaxes your eyelashes with a non-burning solution, that usually lasts 6 - 8 weeks. The Lash Botox provides nutrients from the inside out and builds the lash. Enhance your lashes with Lash Tint which dyes them light brown, brown or black. Color will last depending on your hair growth, usually 3-5 weeks. 

Bottom Eyelash Tint $15
Eyelash Tint Retouch $25

Strip Lash Application ($15): Applying false lashes on yourself can be tricky! Let us take care of it for you! Bring a pair of false lashes from home or purchase one in store for an additional $5-$12!

Eyebrow Tint ($30): Enhance and design your eyebrows with an eyebrow tint. This procedure dyes your eyebrow hair. Available in light brown, brown or black and the color lasts for 3-5 weeks depending on hair growth. Eyebrows will appear longer!

Lash lamination ($15): We’ll brush through your lashes with a black coating that mimics mascara so you don’t have to worry about it for up to 2 weeks.

If you want gorgeous full lashes when you wake every morning, visit our Lash Lab in El Paso Texas. Couture Lash Lab is one of the First and only Lash studios highly sought after in the El Paso TX area. Come find out why we’re the experts.