Lash Extensions In El Paso, TX

Lash Extensions In El Paso, TX

Here at couture Lash Lab our team is intensely trained in the art and application of lash extensions and artistry. If you are seeking longer, thicker, more beautiful-looking eyelashes then eyelash extensions may be for you. As fully licensed and certified eyelash stylists, we are completely devoted to you and your eyelashes. Using only the highest quality lash extensions, products and supplies, our goal is to deliver to you the most personal, customized and unique lash experience you could ever have! Lash extensions typically last from 4 to 6 weeks – and with proper maintenance they can last even longer. At Couture Lash Lab we can customize your look with hombre lashes, flat lash and many more customizable options.

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Our prices are based on the experience, application time, product coverage, and skill level of each lash artist.

First, pick your artistry level. All levels go through an intense and specialized training process to offer the very best lash artist in El Paso. No matter which level of experience you choose, you will be sure to receive superior service and an exceptional experience.

We encourage you to grow with us, note that as our lash interns gain experience their application time will shorten and the number of lashes will increase. With their gain in experience, prices are subject to increase with their skill level.

Lash Prices

Half Classic Set

Half set of lashes of 50 lashes per eye. Very light and natural with no glam. Great for beginners and lengthening your natural lashes while still staying natural.

  • New Client - 89.99+
  • Existing - 115+

Classic Full Set

Classic Full Set- Full set of lashes of 1 extensions to 1 Natural Lash. This set is Natural with an already done mascara look. Perfect for the woman who’s always on the go and doesn’t have time for the mascara nightmare

  • 200+

Hybrid Full Set

Half Classic Half Volume

  • 220+

Half Volume

Half set 50 lashes per eye of 2-4D volume fans per lash. Ex. 1 lash has 4 extensions, 50 natural lashes each have 4 extensions per each lash totaling 200 lashes per eye.

  • New Client - 119.99+
  • Existing Clients- 150+

Lite Volume

Full Set of 2-4D volume. Need a little more than the classic natural look but less than the Dark, and BOLD Full Monty. Try this lighter version of volume with only 2-4 extensions per lash. You choose you volume level.

  • 240+

Full Volume

Glam All the way. 4-6D volume lashes giving you a dark full luscious set of lashes. Great for those Queens who love their Drama.

  • 290+

Mega Volume

Couture Lashes to the extreme. 7-16 fine lashes to one lash creating a fuller solid dark lash for lash addicts.

  • 330+

Couture Add Ons

  • Clear Glue +$10
  • Color accent lashes +$15
  • Bottom Lashes +$30

Fill Menu

Prices based on two week fill, does increase by week.

FillWeek 1 (7-10 days) Week 2 (11-14 days) Week 3 ( 15-21 days) Week 4 (22-28 days) Week 5 (29-35 days)
Half Set$35$55$75New SetNew Set
Classic Set$45$65$85$105New Set
Half/Half$55$75$95$115New Set
Half Volume$55$75$95$115New Set
Lite Volume$65$85$105$125New Set
Full Volume$75$95$115$135New Set
Mega Volume$85$105$125$145New Set

Outside fills done upon review and consultation. If lashes are not suitable for fills, removal and new set will need to be done.

  • Outside Classic Fill- starting at $100
  • Outside Volume fill- starting at $150

Couture Fill Add on:

  • Xpress fill – regular price of fill. Fill Lashes in the state they arrived
  • Detailed fill- removal of out grown, twisted and wonky lashes, Perfect for that fresh clean finish like getting a new set every time. +15
  • Refresh - Want to completely change your style or length? Removal of all outgrown and undesired lashes and redesigned set. +30