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Why waste time applying fake eyelashes or putting on pesky mascara that requires multiple coats to achieve the right look. If you want long, luxurious lashes that last, visit Couture Lash Lab for in El Paso, Texas. We'll go to great lengths to make your beauty routine more manageable.


Eyelash Extensions are not for everyone, whether your concern is maintenance, or lash extensions just aren't your thing we have a solution for you. Now you can make your natural lashes appear longer, stronger, fuller and darker without all the maintenance.

Our beauty stylists are trained to offer different levels of lashes. Call us today for your appointment. We also offer:

Eyebrows & Lash Services - Pricing

Eyebrow Tint


Dye designed for lashes and brows, lasts 4 weeks

Eyebrow Henna


Henna pigment used to stain hair and skin. Lasts on hair 6 weeks and on skin for up to 2 weeks

Eyelash Tint


Dye designed for lashes and brows, deposit of color of black or brown on to the natural lashes to bring darkness and dimension to the natural lashes. Lasts 4 weeks. Bottom lashes included

Keratin Lash Lift


Skip the lash curler. This is a Chemical process designed to Lift and hold the natural lashes in a curled position for 6-8 weeks

Keratin Lift with Tint


Lash botox is a hydrolized cream designed to penetrate the shaft of the hair and restore the health of the natural lash after a chemical lift process.


Lash Botox- Bring the health back to your lashes after a chemical services on your natural lashes - $12

Bottom Lash Tint-Add some color to your bottom lashes- $15 w/ keratin lift and tint or $20 a la carte

Bottom lash lift- Elongate your bottom lashes for a Doll eyed look- $15 w/ keratin lift and $25 Al a Carte