Try these individually priced sessions to dip your toe into the sculpting world. We recommend a minimum of 4 sessions for best results

Static and Dynamic Lines-

Static lines are visible lines on the face when the face is at rest. Deep wrinkles.

Dynamic lines are lines in the face created by everyday movement and expression. When you start to notice these lines its time for TOX!

This service is also offered as a house call service for an additional charge dependent on the distance- up to 85 miles from our location. You have the option to come to our location or we can come to yours. Lunch Break at the office? No problem we'll meet you there!

Botox - Cosmetic Injections - Pricing

Prices Below are based on the First time session, All sessions after that will be based on product used for treatment.

Glabella AKA 11's (between the eyes)




Crows Feet ( around the eyes)


Brow Lift


Lip Flip


DAO (Frown lines on side of mouth)


Mentalis - ( Chin Dimpling)


2 Week Follow Up


A 2 week follow-up appointment is required to make sure your results have settled in nicely. If more is needed we can address it at that time.
* After Care Instructions
* Avoid touching and applying physical pressure on the treated area
*Apply ice pack only if swelling or bruising occur.
*Stay upright for at least 4 hours
*Don't drink alcohol 24hours after the procedure
*Avoid sun exposure, tanning beds and Saunas for 24 hours
* Avoid strenuous workouts for the first 24hours
* Be patient, results can take up to 10-14 days
*Contact us with any concerns or if you experience any side effects. 915-545-5000