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Save $40 when you purchase the package

There are 4 sessions in each package. BBL requires a minimum of 6 sessions for best results.

Chin Sculpt
Arms and Bat wings
Abdomen and Flanks
Full Back
Cellulite Treatment
Front OR back legs
Cellulite Treatment
Front AND Back
Non-Surgical BBL

Try these individually priced sessions to dip your toe into the sculpting world. We recommend a minimum of 4 sessions for best results

Body sculpting is a non-invasive way to remove fat, tighten skin and sculpt the body to our desire. Body sculpting should be pared with a nutrition and lifestyle change for best results. Upon consultation we will create a nutrition and lifestyle plan of action as well as coaching on eating habits.

Body Sculpting Services - Pricing

Wood Therapy

One Session - $85

Move fat and carve out curves of the body with this natural wood therapy treatment

Sauna Blanket Detox

One Session - $75

Lay comfortably in our sauna blanket while we turn up the heat and you sweat it out

Chin Sculpt

One Session - $85

Abdomen and Flanks

One Session - $112

Bat wings and underarm fat

One Session - $95

Full back

One Session - $145

Anti cellulite front or back of legs

One Session - $165

Anticellulite front and back of the legs

One Session - $200

Non Surgical BBL

One Session - $100